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“life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing” – Steve Jobs.

When great friend of mine Lionel, who is happen to be a teacher at CALUMS (University I graduated from), calls and says:

— Hey Dani, what’s up? here is the thing, I need you to come to my Tuesday class, give a 10 – 15min speech to my students, share your experience during your student years: how to apply to jobs, how to set your goals right and how to find a right company that eventually will become your sponsor taking care of your immigration status.
– Umm not sure if I can do that man, I mean I don’t think…
– (by interrupting) No excuse, you will do well, trust me. They really need to hear your story and advices you are going to give them. Just make your speech casual, at the end we will make Q&A session.
– Alright Lionel, if you say so, Ill be there.