William Henry “Bill” Gates

I personally believe, so do most people that the God created our world and us. What else the God has done? He has given us air, so we can breathe, water, so we can drink, has created the nature, so we can eat. What about other things, like window, phone, toys or anything? They all were made by humans.

There is no limitation in our possibility, imagination and capabilities in changing the world. In the history there were plenty people who could have changed the way we live. The person who I am going to talk about one of them.
When I was around 8 or 9, I still remember how I came to my dad and asked him:

– Dad who is the richest man in the world?
– That is Bill Gates son.

Since that very moment I had started researching about Bill, and I could honestly admit he’s became someone who truly inspires me. Everybody knows him, first of all as one of the richest person in the world and founder of Microsoft. So, how Bill Gates has became the man who is right now, well not to state the obvious, but thanks to unique of way his mind. He was a dreamer, huge dreamer. His biggest dream was to put personal computer on every office desktop in every home. It was not just a crazy dream, but Gates perfectly knew how to make it happen, he had confidence and knowledge in doing so than nobody else had. That was the main reason, he’d decided to leave Harvard. C’mon, who else would leave Harvard? I’m not sure I could even leave CalUMS (California University Of Management and Science), even if I had same ideas.

I mean you have to be brave, 100% confident in what you are doing, and could predict your final destination. That is another reason why I admire Bill. Also, of course, he needed extra time in developing his company – Microsoft. It was founded by him and his friend Paul Allen in 1975. When he was just 20 years old. That could be a lesson for people who thinks they are young to start their own company / business.

Bill Gates Microsoft has changed the way we live, communicate, entertain ourselves and do business. And what is more important he’s put computer to our desktops. However, the rest of the IT world did not like him that much. They gave him a name – business killer. Because Bill most of the time used his company power to shut down small startups, companies what just started their own IT business.

Bill could not see anything wrong in doing that, I personally on his side too, but in 1998 the U.S. Department of Justice had different opinion and sued him for his overusing his power against small companies. US made his decision and based on that, Bill Gates no more CEO of Microsoft. Afterwards, he and his wife Melinda founded another organization. Purpose of organization is donation. During his life he donated more or less 36$ billion dollars, which saved about 6 million people. Think about it, the guy saved 6 million PEOPLE. How great to wake up in the morning, and knowing you did something like that.

Recently in Facebook there was some article related to Bill Gates, and I was really surprised how majority of people describing Bill Gates in very negative ways, some of them had compared him to Adolf Hitler, to be fair I didnt get all the reasons of these comments, might be because  of some kind of political issue, but again that’s something you would not want to dig yourself unless you 100% consider yourself as an expert of that field, other than that, I need to mention Bill Gates have founded one of the successful corporation in all history, which services people still use until nowadays, every year he makes donation more than anybody, considering all that I’ve written a short reply to those people in Facebook: and what you have done in your life? Think about it.