Visualize Your Future Self

We all think about our future, don’t we?  We all wonder what’s going to happen with us, let’s say in 5,10 or 30 years. But how many of us, actually picture ourselves doing something very specific, at the very specific location at the very specific time. What I mean by that, is it’s quite important to have a crystal idea where exactly we are going and how exactly we are going to live our life in the near or far future. Your brain, it doesn’t take either positive or negative sides, it only accepts what’s on your mind,your imaginations and it starts functioning accordingly. That being said, You’ve got to see what you want to achieve before you start pursuing it.  To put it differently, if you don’t know where you are going, don’t be surprise when you wind up someplace else.

For this purpose, for me there is an effective way, one technique if you want, that I’ve been trying to implement as a habit in order to keep my mind straight and always focus on my next steps. In other words, accidentally you might witness me having serious conversation with my future self. Without further ado let me illustrate this weirdness, this technique. It’s going to be in the form of interview between me and my future self.

Ladies and gentlemen meet myself in 20 years. 45 years old Dani! (round of applause)

Dani 25: welcome to the stage Mr.Dani. You look surprisingly good and fit. Looks like you didn’t stop working out. First thing first, please tell us a bit about yourself. How is your life going?

Dani 45: Good afternoon my people. Glad to see everyone here. My life is going well, very well.  I live in Beverly Hills, right next to my buddy Leo Di Caprio. As a matter of fact he recommended to us that mansion, since we collaborate pretty often,  doing films and other projects, we have decided living at the same neighborhood would be beneficial for both of us.

Dani 25:  Wow, very exciting future. I bet I’m going to work extremely hard to have that kind of lifestyle..  What do you do for a living?  What are the major accomplishments during these 20 years?

Dani 45:  Ok, I don’t want to be very specific with what I do, giving up all the details. Just for the sake of strive, that you always need to have with you. However, briefly, I’m a filmmaker, screenwriter  and I own Video – Production company, which placed in West LA. As for my accomplishments, my last 20 years I probably would describe as a most fascinating and same time most toughest years in my life. In order to become who I am right now, and trust me I’m extremely proud of myself, I figuratively had to go through a lot of painful rainy stormy days. I’ve accomplished things that I would never thought I could accomplish. As for now I’ve filmed and directed five featured films, they all well distributed worldwide, some of them were received academy awards… To sum up my main, number one accomplishment would be the fact that I could turn what excites me most into seven figure income.   

Dani 25:  You are obviously already married. Well hopefully. is she pretty? 🙂

Dani 45: Oh wow, you need to stop right here. I can not give you straight answer, you already know more than you suppose to. No need to visualize your future spouse, you just have to go with the flow and you’ll be fine. But yes, she is very pretty 🙂

Dani 25: Fair enough. Tell us about your relationship with Lionel. Do you guys still in touch?

Dani 45: Who? Lionnel? Oh boy, don’t remind me him. Last time we spoke was around 5 years ago. Apparently he is too busy for his friends,  he has become president of United States of America, we hardly talk since. Good luck to him, that’s all I can say.

Dani 25:  what are your next steps? what are you planning to do now, on your 45 years?

Dani 45: Thanks for reminding my age, I feel old again 🙂 Anyway, as soon as i finish filming my current movie titled “losing everything but hope”, movie about World War II, as you know you’ve been always had  interest on that direction, by the way with Jake Gyllenhaal playing lead role, then I’m planning to go back to my country Kazakhstan to put all my effort on promoting and developing Kazakh film industry. Most likely I’ll be operating between Hollywood and my home country Kazakhstan.

Dani 25: Last questions. If you had a chance, or an opportunity to change some aspects during these 20 years. what would they be?  Would you do anything differently?  what advices would you give yourself if you turn 25 again?

Dani 45: Look, I’m very satisfied where I am and without any hesitation I could say I’m the happiest person in the world. I don’t have a job, what I do have is a passion that made me and my family financially independent. Having said that, there is not much things I would change or I regret, if I did certain things back then, it because I was feeling to do so on that very moment. However, only thing I would change or do differently is my sense of being afraid to fail. In another words, I would do things outside of my comfort zone way more often, regardless if I fail or succeed. Because I’ve learnt there is no such thing as fail, when you try your best but still couldn’t achieve your goal, it simply means you weren’t ready, that you need to approach it in different way. That’s lesson right there, just like Thomas Edison said “I didn’t fail 10.000 times, I only found 10000 ways that don’t work”. Don’t be afraid to fail. We don’t learn by succeeding , we learn by failing. With this in mind if you need my piece of advice, try to be at outside of your comfort zone as much as possible, turn your pain into your strength, feel the fear but do it anyway. Oh yeah, and quit talking to yourself, people might think you are out of mind…Actually, who cares what people think, do what you have to do. So long!

This  was one of the many ways, I’ve found very effective in terms of visualizing,  having clear picture of yourself, where exactly you want to be in near or far future. Try this method as well: very convenient time would be while you are driving, as a matter fact, it helped me a lot from checking my phone and driving, as we all know it’s a bad habit that most of us have, so why not just to have some good conversation with your future self instead?

Every minute, every hour, visualize the way you want to be. get excited about the future you. Do it in detail, the person you want to become,and then practice being the new person in all that you do. If you can see it, you can be it, if you can dream it, you can become it. Period.