Mission of Your Life

Sometimes I wonder, what it takes to be a celebrity, famous, extremely successful person. Who can be cheerfully welcomed by everyone and recognized no matter where he/she appears. What is like to wake up every morning, knowing the whole world watching you, knowing your influence could spread up to thousands of miles and every step you make, every action you produce might be considered as a life guidelines to others.

The feeling must be mesmerizing. Or maybe not. Maybe those well settled people along with everyone else in this planet, have similar concerns, problems, daily tasks, challenges as we all do. But did you ask yourself, why those extremely successful people strive for more success, why the richest people in the world in search for getting even richer, what really drives them so expeditiously that they don’t seem to be satisfied with who or where they are?

The answer is they have “The Mission”. In essence, they already had discovered the mission of their life, and that’s exactly what keeps them going.

Surely, there are some other major elements we need to keep in mind in order to pursue what we desire to pursue, like setting up goals and having purpose of life. However, the duties they serve are notably different. Putting up the goals out there and achieving them could be your temporary task, identifying the purpose of your life means understanding the reason you’re here at all — the very reason you exist, without requiring concrete action from you. While the mission you have will be what keeps you striving for more and more.

As an illustration, Mark Zuckerberg ( founder of Facebook) despite being sixth richest person in the world, still spends 15-16 hours a day for his projects, Elon Musk ( founder of Tesla) has been working more than 100 hours a day for about 15 years now, or Tim Cook (Apple CEO), wakes up every day at 4:30 AM to keep up with latest updates and be prepared for the day. Those people already went way beyond on what other people might define as a success.

Then how come instead of just being satisfied with where they are, spend more time on traveling or entertaining themselves with their family around, they are still keep challenging their abilities, stepping – stone, trading 90% of available time for their career. These people might already have accomplished their goals and even more, but the mission they have will keep them going and serve till the end. To put this differently, they are not there to get richer, be famous, have more fame or power, but simply enhance their abilities and the service they provide as further as possible.

For this very reason, I myself, had started exploring my own mission, to find out what is out there for me. I’ve been always wanting to find something that I could dedicate my time with enormous pleasure, without any hesitation, doubting myself or second guessing. It finally had happened in 2014. My mission is pretty clear, very simple yet integrated with lots of power: to become a filmmaker as good as I could ever be and produce as many good films as possible. Ever since I’ve identified that, I couldn’t be more focused, more disciplined, my work ethic along with my confidence were rapidly increased. It doesn’t let me spend even a day without thinking about it. The fact that there is finally something worth for me to trade significant part of my lifetime for, makes me extremely satisfied, happy and strive for it.

I assure everyone to spend some quality time for exploring your own mission. When you find it, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with intense energy and a burning desire to get to work on it. That’s what it does for me, Zuckerberg, Musk, Schults and will for you.