Importance of “Priority”

We all understand the meaning of “priorities”. They are things that are most important to you. If your priorities are not set straight, you may end up focusing on things that would not matter as much to you than they should.  

Since it has a lot to do with our present and future life, we need to take it into consideration. It is quite a serious manner, meaning we need to write them down either on paper or a document, saved on your computer or journal so it can always remind us who we are, who we will be, where we are going and who are around. Believe me, it will help you in many situations.

For instance, you were able to save up around $15,000 to buy a brand new car. At the same time you had the offer to do a internship at a company that you have been always dreamed of working at, yet it requires you to spend about same amount of money to move out and rent an apartment for two years. What would you do?

There is no exact answer to this question. If your priorities are to receive experiences in that company you have always wanted to work in, then there is nothing else to it. But on the other hand there are people who don’t always take these kind of opportunities and prefer driving fancy car. Can we really tell which is the right or wrong decision? Not really, only if they knew which is the most important decision to make. It is always a different case for each individual, but you would really have to sit and think about it. You must have the vision of where you would want to be in the future, have plans, goals, then you aim for it.

I know what my priorities are: first and fore most, my family. The major steps I have taken, have always been for them. Before taking any opportunity, I always considered the way it would affect them. I have been in the United States for almost three years. During my time here, my family are back in my country where many changes had happened, unfortunately I did not get witness them all.

For example, weddings, I had missed one of best friend’s wedding, some relatives, even my older brother’s, nor have I even met his 4 month daughter in person yet. Though it makes me very sad not to be able to be with them during these special times, but because of my priorities I know what I am doing is the right thing to do, to come to this country.

I am aware of the sacrifices I made in order to give something more in the future. I know for sure eventually I will have a decent career here, improve myself as a professional and build a network with the right people. And when I do, I will go back to my country, to my family and all my friends so that they will receive the right benefits from my accomplishments. That is for sure.

Again, set up the right priorities and concentrate on what is more important from studying, working, to exercising and improving your health. Because eventually it will bring you to the place where you are always wanted to be.