Find Yourself

In 2007, I had an interview to get a scholarship at one of the University in Russia, Moscow city. Before the interview, I had already passed requirement test, in math, physics and in Russian language. Which made me so exited and gave a hope for this program. But they never called me back. I did not even get the opportunity to know why? All my plans got ruined, I was so sad, disappointed, and it impacted to my self-confidence. I thought, I worth nothing. However, there was another feeling, special one. I had doubt if I really need this program. I did not know what I really want. Since that moment, I start thinking and exploring myself!

First question in my head was: what is my life occupation? What I can do better than other things? What I am interested in? And is it going to make me financial free? These questions make me thing, really thing. I spent plenty of time just to analyze my mind and imagining myself in the future. After while one moment really helped to determine my life occupation. In my leisure time, I used to make video clips, putting some effects, sounds, mixing with pictures and plus it all had meaning with certain scenario. Those videos were liked by everyone. Friends told me how cool they are, parents were so proud of me that they showed my videos to everyone who came to our house. It kind of embarrassed me to be honest.
Anyway this pushed me to choose Computer Science. Where I can learn about computer itself, programming, and of course to create videos or movies in professional way. The most important thing is, that is my hobby. Lesson what I have learnt was: If you really want to find yourself, your maximum, find a job what is our hobby.

Then, I start exploring different part of myself. What brings me a positive and excite me? What makes me healthy? What is my sport? I truly believe, and there is no doubt, people must have at least one sport, what makes them stronger, healthier and more confident. Most people struggle only between work, home and maybe school, without spending enough time to sports, to your sport. It has to be one of the main parts of your life. Just like in my case. Football. For me it is more than sport. It is my passion, my emotion and my motivation.
Thanks to football I have started learning English language. I am being honest! There was a huge desire just to speak same language as my favorite team Liverpool. I badly wanted and still do, to visit Liverpool city and watch a football game in real live. And I clearly know that is going to take me a lot of efforts and hard working. But there is a strong motivation behind of it. Which force me do it, not to give up on mu half way. Even when I just imagine these moments, it gives me amazing special feelings. This is one of the reasons, why I am saying you need to have sport in your life, what brings a lot of unforgettable, indescribable moments. Bottom line, please find your sport, and make it life activity!

There is no way in finding yourself, if you don not have your half. Just think about it, your half. Husband or wife. I mean you are not going to get your maximum in your life, if she or he is missing. But person has to be right one. C’mon, life is beautiful, but is too short, you do not want to spend this priceless time with, let’s say wrong person. I am talking about your family. Your half will be father or mother of your children, so, you better really think and make perfect decision, before you let someone to fill this half position. Only by doing it, I guarantee you will find yourself!

Finding yourself is going to be tough and probably biggest challenge you ever met, but it has to be your mission number one!