I have five best friends. It means I never have to worry about being alone. Before I tell the story about my friends, let’s find out the definition of a “best friend”. It is not just a person who is close to you; it’s not even your girlfriend or boyfriend.

“A best friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you”.  Crucial words here: they know all about you. You may say: yeah, but your significant other can know everything about you as well, right? No not everything. Not in detail at least J. But my best friends would. We have been together for more than 10 years, having a lot of fun and unfortunately sad times too. But every single moment with my friends are priceless for me.

Compared to them, I have always been kind of busy, doing some projects on my laptop or just learning English. However every single day, especially during the summer, they would call me, I would leave all my studies, and run to meet them. Of course it was an inhibiting process of improving my education, but I did not care much about it. Spending time with my friends had always been my priority. And I never regretted it, especially today when I am living a thousand of miles away from them.
This is how it used to be. Most of them would call my phone and ask:


– Hey Dani, what are you doing? 
– Nothing.
– You want to come over here then?
– Sure, why not, I’ll be there soon.

The point is we don’t need any reason or special occasion to see each other; we just meet anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. I think it’s an awesome part of our lives! Because once we meet, that’s when we start thinking of what to do that evening. Most of the time we play football (soccer), and same amount of time we’d like to go to bars or small restaurants to drink beer and possibly meet some girls. One time, we bought some beer to drink outside in the center of the city. And I don’t do it all the time, but that day I drank more than I supposed and I knocked out.


The next day, I did not remember anything that had happened last night. My friends told me: When I knocked out, they brought me to a friend’s house, since it was the summer, we did not go in the house we slept outside in the yard. Then, when they placed me down on the mattress, my friend’s mother arrived home. She asked, “Is this Dani? Is he drunk?” My friends replied “No, that’s Azamat”. He was a friend of ours that was also with us that same night. They lied that it was Azamat, because he was known to our friend’s mom as a person who enjoys drinking and smoking, while I was the good guy who would not do such things.


My friends simply did not want to ruin my clean reputation. The point in this story is that best friends are always ready to cover your back and won’t let you down. It is very good to have friends, but having best friends is priceless. When you turn 60 or 70 years old, you won’t remember your fancy cars, expensive clothes or prestige job. But you will remember these crazy and good moments with your best friends.