The Legend Of Tarzan

  • Year: 2016
  • Leading Cast:Alexander Skarsgård, Christoph Waltz, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson
  • Director: David Yates
  • Writer: Adam Cozad / Craig Brewer
  • Genre: Drama, Action
  • My Rating: (4/5)

The Original Tarzan (1999) is about a boy who was adopted by apes, then eventually turned into King of the Jungle. Story of this particular movie displays his survival and adaption in the real world and fighting against his old enemies. After leaving the jungle and pride, Tarzan settles with his wife Jane ( Margot Robbie) in London, where they are in search of a new action-less life for themselves. Soon, Tarzan is forced to return to the Congo in order to act as a trade representative for England. However, he soon clashes with a greedy Belgian captain (Christoph Waltz) who was promised by Tarzan’s old enemy to be awarded with tons of diamond in exchange of bringing Tarzan to him.

The opening sequence is the scene of Tarzan dressed up in fancy suit and portraying himself as totally normal civilian. Pretty much during the whole movie he represents British people, rather than behaving as the King of Jungle. Only occasionally movie display some flashbacks illustrating the time from being born around apes, and turning into complete beast but with high human morals, attaching skills of the wild animals and nonhuman instincts. To be honest, I was expecting to witness more scenes of Tarzan evolving into normal being human, but the movie presents him as already established civilian – warrior, fighting for his pride and his wife who is captured in hands of their enemies. The story itself is very compelling and movie will leave you quite satisfied, as it shows lots of visually beautiful actions and special effects of the animals and their interactions with humans.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, “The Legend Of Tarzan” is full of remarkable characters played by not any less remarkable actors. Especially, it’s quite fulfilling to observe Tarantino’s favorite dual S.L.Jackson and Christoph Waltz. Me, as a spectator or a film critique, automatically started watching the film with full exceptions of intense dialogues and intelligent humor from those two. Well need to admit, from that perspective the film hasn’t meet my exceptions.

“The Legend Of Tarzan” creates a certain atmosphere, that jokes are doesn’t find any place to be, which is little disappointing, because having Tarantino’s two in your film and making your movie too dramatic/serious mood is a quite sin. Might as well use less famous / expensive actors, the story wouldn’t have changed even squat. Same goes to our wonderful Margot Robbie, who are usually known for the “action-comedy-drama” roles, with strong / intelligently sarcastic personality. In the film, she displays the character Jane, who is way too serious, soft soul and dramatic persona, well nothing wrong with that, it did fit the overall story very well, however having Margot Robbie in your cast and not using strongest skills which is her outstanding humorous-sarcastic mode, is a bit sin that falls under responsibility of the director David Yates.

Overall, despite being a derivative film, adapting and remaking well known story of Tarzan, the movie has it’s own uniqueness, telling this compelling story from new perspectives, combining new horizons of John Clayton and occasionally splashing flashback from his days when he was Tarzan / King Of Jungle, the film came up pretty satisfying, both visually and story wise. However, one time film, most people, including myself would not watch it again.