Central Intelligence

  • Year: 2016
  • Leading Cast:Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart
  • Director: Rawson Marshal Thurber
  • Writer: Ike Barinholtz / David Stassen
  • Genre: Comedy
  • My Rating: (3/5)

The story is about 2 former high school mates, Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) and Calvin Joiner (Kevin Hart). During the period of high school Kevin Hart’s character is the coolest/ most popular student, while Bob Stone total opposite, chunky, chubby, pretty much center object of ridiculousness by his class mates. Only person who actually had some kind of sympathy for Bob is Calvin. And now, after certain time interval (about 10-15 years) Bob Stone decides to reconnect with his “old friend” and invites him to get some drinks.. Surely, since they both graduated from high school and separated into different paths, both of them have rapidly changed, while Calvin’s from being super popular high school kid found himself as a regular 9-5  accounting guy, Dwayne’s character has transformed into extremely buff, highly trained CIA agent.

The entire story of the film unfolds in Bob’s building friendship with Clyne and at the same time using his accounting skills in order to prevent massive attack to their Government by his former CIA partner Phil (Aaron Paul), who had betrayed Bob and became villain number one.

The motivation that drives the characters into certain actions are not very understandable. Both characters were introduced properly for the audience and based on that we have some clue about personalities of each of them. During the process of watching this film, there were couple times where I had to ask myself, “why he did this instead of doing that”, *SPOILER ALERT* example: why Bob Stone is using personal laptop of Clyne to get access to the illegal operations, knowing that the system is being monitored by other agents and they can easily identify location of the laptop and pretty much everything about the person who owns it. And why Clyne, despite having pretty serious evidences not to be around Bob still gets easily manipulated by tossing himself into unnecessary troubles.. Considering all these, it’s safe to state the script of the film didn’t involve extraordinary efforts to begin with.

In addition, when the lead characters in the movie listed as Kevin Hart and The Rock, you automatically prepare yourself for some cracking super hilarious jokes and scenes. In reality “Central Intelligence” couldn’t meet those expectations, yes need to admit, the film had its laughable moments, nonetheless,  the characters tried to be funny way too often, most of the time the jokes just didn’t go through, it was not emotionally engaging to the given scenes. Most compelling evidence  is a joke by Bob Stone “you look like black Will Smith” towards Kevin Hart’s character, for me doesn’t make sense at all, I mean he is black himself already.. In my personal opinion (just like everything else here my personal opinion) I do not consider the Rock as a believable comedy actor, it just doesn’t suit him very well, he should just stick with playing action, dramatic, brutal characters, nothing more.

Overall the story of the film is pretty weak,  containing not quite believable characters, disappointing ending, missing twists to witness and least but not last I strongly believe Kevin Hart only agreed to play in “Central Intelligence” just because he is homie with The Rock. I had an impression he was not emotionally committed to his particular character.

Nevertheless, despite all the criticism I’ve splashed here, it is still entertaining “one time” movie to watch at home, on lazy Sunday evening.