Hi everyone – I’m Daniyar Seisenov (Dani).

You see, everything in this wonderful world has a reasoning behind. Whether, you go to work, raise children, collecting vintage toys, or just sitting on the bench, alone. The reason I run this personal website/blog is very simple. I’d like to have a place to keep track of everything I do related to my professional careers, which directions I am heading, and who I am becoming as an individual. It might sound a simple task to do, but in the world that dominated by technology & web, it’s really easy to start losing yourself and not being able to keep up with what really matters to you. To simplify all this, this blog is all about me focusing on what’s matters to me by sharing that with you. Make sense? Hope so.

My name is Daniyar Seisenov. I go by Dani, Dan, sometimes Dani boy. But I really prefer just Dani. My home country is Kazakstan since 2011 residing in Southern California. Need to say I’m truly blessed to live in such a marvelous place, with fantastic weather, people and world-class opportunities all around me. It’s really no brainer, once I’ve received my Master Degree In Computer Science here, I’ve decided to further pursue my career in this sunny place.

Generally speaking, I’m a Front-End Developer / SEO Specialist, Fitness enthusiast and Semi-Pro Poker player. Not much else I want to write about myself. I’ll let you find out about my personality more by exploring my articles. Take care.

“I don’t strive to the best. I just strive to better than yesterday.”

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